Monday, May 22, 2017

50 Things I Like About Myself

For the 101 things in 1001 days challenge. Keep in mind that all of these things came from God, and I am beyond grateful for them. They are gifts I have been given, and I will appreciate them as such.
  1.  My multicolored eyes
  2.  My eyelashes
  3.  My sense of humor
  4.  My lack of overwhelming emotions
  5.  My ability to think clearly in crisis
  6.  My wisdom
  7.  My musical ability
  8.  My knowledge
  9.  My ability to learn
  10.  My discernment in spiritual situations
  11.  My ability to hear god's voice
  12.  My natural hair color
  13.  My ability to pick up new concepts quickly
  14.  My ability to say no if needed
  15.  My willingness to push through in school
  16.  My ability to (finally) conquer my irrational fear of needles
  17.  My smile
  18.  My cheekbones (my best friend says they're good enough to join the BBC cheekbone club, but I'm not so sure about that lol)
  19.  My piano fingers
  20.  My eyebrows (they look good without plucking. Boom.)
  21.  My artistic talent
  22.  My empathy
  23.  My sympathy
  24.  My strong convictions
  25.  The fact that I really care about the environment
  26.  The fact that I truly know myself
  27.  My joy
  28.  My love of learning the truth
  29.  My love of research
  30.  My waist
  31.  My personality type (INFJ)
  32.  The fact that I don't let my flaws get me down
  33.  My love of public speaking
  34.  The fact that I can embrace my uniqueness
  35.  The fact that I am a good listener
  36.  My ability to be quiet with myself
  37.  The fact that I'm content with being single
  38.  My passion for helping other people learn the truth
  39.  The fact that I can be feminine but still do "tomboy" things at the same time (like climbing trees in a skirt)
  40.  My positivity
  41.  My mercy
  42.  My lips
  43.  My peekaboo shaved haircut
  44.  The fact that I'm not afraid to take reasonable risks (but stupid things are out, like taking selfies  while hanging off a bridge, because that's just ridiculous)
  45.  My ability to say no to things I don't want to do
  46.  My ability to tell when something is wrong with someone
  47.  My passion for fostering unity
  48. My ability to find the good in any situation
  49.  The fact that peer pressure doesn't interest or effect me
  50.  My ability to love myself enough to come up with 50 positive things about myself

101 Things That Make Me Happy

For the 101 things in 1001 days challenge. I have a lot more things I can think of, but here is a good chunk of things I enjoy.
  1.  Vintage books
  2.  Rain
  3.  Tea
  4.  Playing the banjo
  5.  Copic Markers
  6.  Sumi-e paintings
  7.  Anything lilac colored
  8.  Playing piano
  9.  Brooks and streams
  10.  Lace
  11.  Head-banging to heavy metal in the car (like Babymetal, Thousand Foot Krutch, and classic Flyleaf)
  12.  Clogging
  13.  Forests
  14.  Embroidery
  15.  Daisies
  16.  Mori fashion
  17.  My best friends
  18.  Learning random and new facts just for fun
  19.  Having a deep knowledge on something
  20.  Worship nights at our church
  21.  Studying God's word
  22.  Watercolors
  23.  Speaking a Japanese sentence fluently on the first try
  24.  Hiking on rough paths
  25.  Harp music (such as Christy-Lyn)
  26.  My merlin
  27.  Baby's breath flowers
  28.  Popoyans!
  29.  Playing on worship team
  30.  Writing just for fun
  31.  Visiting new places
  32.  Plum Blossoms
  33.  Advice from friends
  34.  Sunshine
  35.  Doodle Date
  36.  Cuddles with my kitty
  37.  Receiving letters from penpals
  38.  Being trusted
  39.  Random acts of God
  40.  Sharing smiles with strangers
  41.  Sweaters that I can hide my hands in
  42.  Little gifts from friends
  43.  Fast dance routines
  44.  A clean, minimalist space
  45.  Hard ice cream
  46.  Compliments from strangers
  47.  Days spent all by myself doing nothing
  48.  Feeling Jesus's presence
  49.  Celtic Woman
  50.  Campfires
  51.  Fluffy clouds reflecting the colors of the sunset
  52.  Chill electronic music (like the album "I Am Mountain" by Gungor)
  53.  Checking items off of a list
  54.  Having long hair
  55.  The colors of fall
  56.  Small hole-in-the-wall restaurants
  57.  Fairy gardens
  58.  Mermaids
  59.  Museums of any kind or size
  60.  Going barefoot
  61.  Opening the windows to air out a room
  62.  My little dog buddy, Sammy
  63.  Our natural beehive that's in an old tree near our house
  64.  The Smoky Mountains
  65.  Bad puns
  66.  Camping with the family
  67.  White sundresses
  68.  Classic literature (like Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier)
  69.  Bad Kid Jokes
  70.  When my students get a new concept, and we get to celebrate their success together
  71.  Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
  72.  Homemade pumpkin bread
  73.  Fields of wild mustard
  74.  Seeing full rainbows stretch across the entire sky
  75.  Good sushi 
  76.  Worn out Classic Toms
  77.  Flea markets and thrift stores
  78.  When a bible is filled with highlights and notes, and is falling apart 
  79.  Listening to the crazy things little kids come up with
  80.  Swingsets
  81.  Baking Christmas cookies with my mom
  82.  Jean Ritchie
  83.  Playing music for, and singing along with, people at the nursing homes
  84.  Aquash brushes
  85.  The fact that my Grandpa who had a stroke struggles with any type of conversation, but can still say a prayer perfectly every time
  86.  Libraries
  87.  Sun tea with lots of ice on a hot summer day
  88.  Finished sketchbooks
  89.  Arglefumph book reviews
  90.  Sunrises over a lake
  91.  Sketching with people I love
  92.  Feedback from my followers on social media (you guys always make my day)
  93.  Cursive writing
  94.  Seasonal fruits, especially strawberries and watermelon
  95.  Candles
  96.  Reading the ridiculous things that certain churches in my area come up with for their billboards 
  97.  Bubbles
  98.  Lemon flavored anything
  99.  Looking up at tall things (skyscrapers, tress, etc.) and feeling really small 
  100.  Curry (both Indian and Japanese)
  101.  When a new friend hugs you for the first time in your friendship