Wednesday, February 18, 2015

101 Things In 1001 Days

(This post was originally posted on I don't know much but I'm learning, but I'm posting it here as well.)

I have recently decided to create a list of things I need to do, kind of like a bucket list. But I couldn't think of a good way to start one. But I've finally discovered one; 101 things in 1001 days! I doubt that every single one of these will get done, but I am going to try my hardest! よし!がんばります!

Start Date: December 31st, 2012
End Date:  August 26th, 2015

9 left to go.
1.Get an Ipod touch.
2.Don't leave the house without a hat or headpiece for two weeks.
3.Get a firm Tummy (aka Get rid of my flab).
4.Draw 10 portraits of real persons. 10/10
5.Make a daisy chain.
6.Manage at least one pull-up.
7.Buy 10 nice teas for tea parties. 
8.Host a Tea Party.
9.Go outside for one hour a day for at least a month.
10. Gift something handmade.
11.Go to a museum at least 12 times. 5/12
12.Create a herbarium. Abandoned. Created a fairy garden instead
13.Learn a new instrument.
14.Grow a little herb garden on the window sill or a decent one in the garden.
15.Get a job.
16.Write a children’s storybook and illustrate it. Write/Draw
17.Wear a planned outfit at least once a week for a month and draw it.  Abandoned. Not Practical.
18.Buy three pairs of nice tights.
19.Take a sketchbook to a public place and draw.
20.Cook or bake something unknown once a month for 3 months.
21.Visit an antiques & oddities market. 
22.Make candles.
23.Get the tips of my hair cut.
24.Make a to-read classics list and read at least half of it. 15/29
25.Make soapAbandoned. Buying natural soup
26.Learn 15 cool quotes by heart.
27.Buy a hat.
28.Learn to swing dance.
29.Buy a Lolita dress or skirt.
30.Get a proper robe. Abandoned. 
31.Go ice skating.
32.Go to the theatre.
33.Learn to paint with watercolor.
34.Find a pen pal (snail-mail). I have seven Mori Girl pen-pals now!
35.Find 10 nice everyday hair-dos.
36.Go to a festival.
37.Organize my clothes.
38.Search though all my clothing and just keep what I truly love.
39.Have a princess day once a month
40.Eat only self-made sweets for a month. I stretched this out, and ate mostly homemade sweets over a few months instead.
41.Use my typewriter at all possible times for a month. Abandoned. My typewriter is vintage, and the ink replacement would be rather expensive.
42.Learn to flatfoot.
42.Learn to knit.
43.Sew at least two small projects.
44.Climb a tree and take a picture of the view.
45.Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day.
46.Don’t complain about anything for a week.
47.Buy something from a Mori brand (Preferably Wonder Rocket). (Reviewed it here.)
48.Buy something from Etsy/Store envy.
49.Learn to decorate a cake.
50.Go on a picnic.
51.Send anonymous flowers to someone I don't know very well.
52.Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days are over.
53.Inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list of their own.
54.Go to a drive-in movie theater. Abandoned. I've been to a regular movie theater several times instead, which I don't normally do.
55.Wear Lolita (or something equally as out there) in a busy public place.
56. Lean some kind of calligraphy.
57.Make my own bento.
58.Send 10 handwritten letters to friends and family.
59.Drink eight glasses of water every day for at least one week.
60.Make an address book with contact information for family and friends.
61.Spend a day with each of siblings doing what they want, paid for by me. Abandoned. Took my brother out to an expensive lunch instead. Also, I have no money... So that's a thing...
62.Perfect my Japanese enough to listen to a song/show and sort of understand what they're saying.
63.Throw a surprise party for a friend.
64.Perfect and memorize at least one hard piano piece.
65.Watch all of the New Doctor Who episodes.
66.Succeed in giving up something for lent.
67.Bike or walk somewhere in town.
68.Learn the names of every country, and identify them on a map. Abandoned.
69.Learn how to take decent pictures with my camera.
70.Start using Instagram.
71.Make a list of the 50 songs I could listen to forever.
72.Take a photo of the same place every month for year and then turn it into a calendar for the next year. Abandoned
73.Try Yoga.
74.Attend and/or throw a costume party.
75.Ask friends to name one favourite music album they think I should listen to, and then listen to all the recommendations I get.
76.Ask friends to name one movie they think I need to watch, and then watch all the recommendations I get. Abandoned. I really don't like movies...
77.Eat some real Sushi with crab in it, or just try crab in general. 
78.Try 5 new foods in a month.
79.Say ‘no’ to 5 things I don’t want to do, but would normally agree to in order to keep the peace.
80.Create my own comic (either a few pages, or a series).
81.Read a biography all the way through.
82.Write a short story at least 10,000 words.
83.See Celtic Woman in concert. 
84.Fly a kite.
85.Listen to all country for one day.
86.Attend a church service of a different denomination.
87.Celebrate a foreign holiday of some sort.
88.Leave a note inside of a library book for someone to find.
89.Get a Polaroid camera.
90.Have a list of all of my friends birthdays, and send them happy birthday letters. Abandoned. Instead I write them letters at birthday parties.
91.Take pictures with friends in a photo booth. Abandoned. There are no photo booths in my area.
92.Set my answering machine to something in Japanese. Abandoned. I'm not sure what I was thinking, because no-one would be able to understand it.
93.Sleep out under the stars. (My parents are super against this, but I did go tent camping recently and spent a lot of time out doors in the night so I'm counting that.)
94.Finish my collection of Trixie Belden Books. (I have as many as I have been able to find, excluding a few rare ones that are almost non-existent)
95.Learn, and use, a new word a month for 3 months.
96.Sit and watch 10 movies without doing anything else. 10/10
97.Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy all the way through.
98.Re-read the Chronicles of Narnia.
99.Go berry picking Abandoned. My grandparents berry bushes had to be removed.
100.Consciously Stop saying ‘yeah’ and ‘like’ for 1 week
101.Write a new list!

I will update every time I finish one. Here's hoping for the best in the coming year and beyond!


  1. I love this idea! Good job completing so many! I have what I call a "Dream List" because most are things I'll have to do when I'm older like traveling and buying expensive things *^^*

    1. Hee hee thanks ^^ I thought it was a much more attainable idea than a bucket list!